May 28, 2022
Mashable Blogs | IEMLabs

Mashable is an American entertainment company and a multi subject digital media platform that contains blogs on all the topics including technology, culture, science, social good etc. But recently 5.22 GB worth of database that belongs to has been leaked by a hacker from the online handle of Shiny Hunters. This leaked database is available on various hacker forums. 

After analyzing the hacked data, confirmed that the leaked data contains users, staff, and subscribers data such as their names, country, email addresses, job description, gender, online behavior related details, IP addresses, date of registration, authentication tokens, social media profile links, etc. 

However, it was a sigh of relief for to know that the leaked database does not consist of any financial details or passwords of the company. The hacker from Shiny Hunters also stated that the leaked data does not contain any password in the post on hacker forum. 

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