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10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones: Know More

One of the most wondrous inventions of the twentieth century is the mobile phone. To imagine a world without mobile phones today is difficult. From making a call to booking a flight to buying clothes, we need our mobile phones for every little and major activity. If one were to make a list of 10 uses of mobile phones, the list would be extremely exhaustive, as the uses and benefits of mobile phones are many. But our extreme dependence on mobile phones does have its side effects. While mobile phones have been a beacon of light for everyone, their excessive use can result in some grave outcomes. The benefits of mobile phones have been revolutionary. Before the invention of mobile phones, for instance, people could not imagine being so easily connected with another individual who lives miles away in another part of the world. Mobile phones have also made it easier to obtain any information from any part of the globe or purchase any product. Despite these wondrous benefits, there is a dark side to mobile phones as well. The 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones can produce some bad outcomes in the lives of students and professionals. Whether it be an addiction to the phone or stress, the 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones can have grave consequences.

As it is unimaginable to exist without our phones, the only way to tackle these harmful effects is by controlling the amount of time we spend on our phones. By monitoring our own time limit for using the phone, we can check out the 10 harmful effects of mobile phones on students and enjoy their benefits fruitfully!

A Brief History of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones, or smartphones as we describe them today, have become our companions in everything we do. While there are some serious 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones, we cannot imagine a world without mobile phones now.

When one thinks about the evolution of mobile phones, the history can be traced back to 1908. This year, a US patent was released in Kentucky for a wireless telephone. It was in 1940 that some engineers created cells for mobile phone base stations.

Thus, the first mobile phones that were created bore no resemblance to the mobile phones that we use today. They were mostly like two-way radios that were used by taxi drivers or emergency service individuals such as firefighters or ambulances. This allowed these individuals to communicate with each other in a rapid and rational manner.

It was on April 3, 1973, that Motorola produced a huge number of handheld mobile phones. These mobile phones belonged to the Zero Generation mobile phones. As we discuss the 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones today, we are living in the third or fourth generation of mobile technology. Mobile phones have certainly progressed a lot since the turn of the years.

Disadvantage of Mobile Phones: 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

While we have received an immense amount of benefits due to mobile phones, one cannot forget the various harmful effects of mobile phones that are affecting us today. These harmful effects are most visible among youth who are heavily reliant on their phones.

Individuals have to learn to spend their time wisely on their phones, as these harmful effects can have serious consequences later in life. Given below are the 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones on individuals-

Sleep Disturbance

According to recent studies by medical experts, excessive use of mobile phones can have serious consequences for our sleeping patterns. Mobile phones emit a harmful ray or light, which is known as blue light. This blue light can cause disturbances in one’s natural sleep cycle.

If one is exposed to this blue light for a long period of time, the body ends up producing a lower amount of melatonin. Without sufficient production of melatonin, our sleep cycle will be disturbed. Melatonin is a hormone that ensures individuals are able to get a regular amount of sleep. Hence, if one is not able to control the amount of time they spend on mobile phones, they are bound to develop insomnia or other disorders due to a lack of sleep.

Neck and back pain

This is among the 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones, which are affecting individuals of all age groups. Due to our heavy reliance on the use of mobile phones, we hold our mobile phones for a long time, whether it be for watching something or reading a useful piece of information.

But holding our phones for a prolonged period of time will result in immense back and neck pain. The reason for this can be attributed either to the poor posture of holding the phone or could be the weight of the phone. The discomfort caused in our neck and back can lead to an immense amount of pain.


This can be regarded as one of the most alarming among the 10 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones. As we have become extremely reliant and dependent on mobile phones, it is often observable among the younger population to constantly check their phone every few minutes or mindlessly scroll through their phone.

The emergence of several social media platforms has also facilitated an addiction to grow as people spend mindless hours on their phones scrolling through social media platforms. This can have a negative impact on the individual’s mental health, social relationships, and self-worth as well.

Eye Strain 

If one keeps looking at their phone screen for too long, they are bound to develop some kind of visual problem. The rays emitted by the phone screen are not good for our eyes and can often cause headaches, dry eyes, and severe vision problems.

Among the 10 Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones, this affects the younger generation the most, as their eyes are still in a developing stage.

Cognitive Function

Recent medical studies have discovered that an increase in phone use is resulting in impaired cognitive function among individuals. Excessive use of mobile phones is causing them to have issues retaining their memory and also developing an issue of holding their attention for too long.

Hence, the prolonged use of mobile phones can cause users to develop problems when it comes to problem-solving skills or hold their attention for too long.

Radiation Exposure

This is one of the most medically alarming effects among the 10 Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones. Mobile phones are known to radiate or emit electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can enter the human body and affect the brain.

As has been discovered in recent studies, electromagnetic radiation is responsible for damaging brain cells and also increases the risk of developing brain cancer. Prolonged use of the mobile phone could also result in DNA damage.

Deteriorating Academic Performance

Linked to all the other harmful effects, prolonged use of a mobile phone is bound to create an addiction, which will ultimately be a distraction for young individuals. This distraction will not allow the students to focus well on their academics as they start developing a short attention span.

The reduced focus and lack of productivity are resulting in students performing poorly in their academic results.

Social Skills

As individuals start spending more and more time on their phones, they become disconnected from the natural world all around them. They become comfortable in the virtual world behind their phones and hardly take initiatives to form bonds or meaningful relationships in the real public domain with people.

This causes children, especially, to develop poor social skills as they find it difficult to interact with other individuals in the real world.

Risk of Accident

As individuals have become addicted to their phones, they tend to use them even when they are traveling on the road. This can increase their risk of being in a road accident as they will be distracted by their phone, which will not allow them to see the perils on the road. This is one of the most dangerous of the 10 Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones.


Mobile phones, with their various social media applications and innumerable messages and notifications, can often result in a high level of stress, anxiety, and depression. Mobile phones can often be taxing on our mental health and require us to give a good amount of energy so that we remain connected with others.


The technological innovations that have been brought forth by mobile phones have certainly changed the way we see the world. But the 10 Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones can certainly be supplemented with the various uses and applications that a mobile phone brings us.

A way for us to tackle this is by monitoring and tracking the amount of time we spend on mobile phones. This way, we can reduce the risk of developing bad habits while continuing to enjoy the benefits.

Meta Description: The 10 Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones, such as addiction, increased stress levels, and radiation exposure, can be tackled by monitoring the time spent on phones.

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