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10 Best TikTok Brand Collaborations — And Why They Work

You must have seen different brands and companies on TikTok. Most of them start as very small e-commerce businesses. While others are already known. Either way, they need recognition on TikTok. For that, what these brands and companies do is approach influencers. Once they find them, they sign a brand collaboration.

How to Search for TikTok Collaborations for Your Brand?

See, there are three easy ways to find the best TikTok influencer for your brand.

First, grow the community organically or buy TikTok auto likes. Remember, without good engagement metrics, you will never get a collaboration or partnership.

Second, chasing brands is never a good option. If you are doing good, brands will approach you for collaborations. For that, you have to do some homework, though – use the correct hashtags so that your profile stands out in the crowd.

Third, connect with people who find partnership programs for you.

How Do Brand Collaborations Work on TikTok?

The primary purpose of collaborations with known people on TikTok is to boost sales, revenue, rate of interest, the bounce rate on the official website, organic traffic on the website, engagement metrics, etc. In other words, TikTok collaborations help in leveraging businesses and brands.

The Best Brand Collaborations on TikTok

We have mentioned the best TikTok brand collaborations that have marked the sweet spot of successful campaigns.

Best Collaboration #1: Khaby Lame & Hugo Boss

Last year, in the month of January (2022), Khaby, one of the most followed profiles on TikTok, collaborated with Hugo Boss.

The news spread like fire in the woods. Basically, Hugo Boss wanted to improve its revenue from $3.1 B to $4.5 B and wanted a serious rebranding. For that, the company hired Lame’s paid services and named the campaign #BeYourOwnBOSS. This campaign is generating amazing results. Imagine how the campaign would look like if only BTS (behind the scene) made a profit of 6M in less than 15 days.

Best Collaboration #2: Charli D’ & Takis

In 2021, Takis, the most significant food brand, hired Charli D’Amelio to bring hype and more revenue. There were several videos on TikTok where two hashtags became famous – #TakisTransformation and #TakisPartner. Charli’s fusion of content, along with the perfect messaging for the brand’s creativity. Her personification of the food was above the essential par – the makeover and dressing matched the packaging savagely. Interestingly, the TikTok campaign pulled 19.2M views and more than 3M likes. Isn’t that crazily beautiful?

Best Collaboration #3: Zach King & Chipotle

Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant in the US, wanted to scale up its revenue and overall business during the Halloween season. For that, they engaged Zach King, who is the most famous celeb. The main purpose of collaborating with Zach was to run a campaign under the #Boorito challenge. Also, the challenge was to dress up in a Halloween costume to get any of the four things for just $4 – a burrito, tacos, bowl, or salad. Zach reached 4M likes and roughly 88M views.

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Best Collaboration #4: Scrub Daddy & Duolingo

Moving on to the next TikTok brand collab, we have Scrub Daddy and Duolingo. First of all, Duolingo is a language app that lets users learn different languages at their pace. Scrub Daddy collaborated with the learning app because they both had the same sort of creative content. The campaign results were massive – on his actual account, he has 1.1M viewers. After the report on Duolingo’s profile, it went up to 3.1M.

Best Collaboration #5: Bella Poarch & EOS

Bella Poarch is famous on TikTok for lip-synching content. She is 25 years old and collaborated with several brands in the past. However, the famous EOS was the first cosmetic partnership she did. So, basically, the partnership or collaboration was about EOS lotion. In the video, a transition from bathroom to skateboarding was shown. This particular video content on TikTok has a profound impact on engagement metrics – 30M views and 3.7M likes.

Best Collaboration #6: Alleyoop & Erica Maria

We all know that there are several ways of collaborating with known celebs on TikTok. One of those strategies is “Creator Gifting.” Keeping this method in mind, a renowned cosmetics company, Alleyoop, partnered with Erica Maria. She in the campaign, showed herself wearing a 3 in 1 compact that can be stacked. When it comes to the result she generated, it was terrific and massive!! Yes, she attracted 3000 views quite quickly.

Best Collaboration #7: Magic Spoon & Super Coffee

Did you know it is not essential to have a person and a brand have a supersonic collab? Even two brands can form a perfect partnership or collaboration. That is what happened with Magic Spoon and Super Coffee! Yes, two food brands, cereal and coffee, to be precise (respectively), joined in the case of making an unusual increase in the business – a fair bonus of upselling – a 364% increase in social metrics.

Best Collaboration #8: Saint Lucia & Naomi Leanage

Naomi Leanage, a US (Toronto) based influencer, collaborated with Saint Lucia, a tourism authority. This was another one-of-a-kind partnership on TikTok. The tourism company offered collaboration to Naomi because she created a lot of tourism-related content. After the collaboration, there was an amazing result – 151,000 likes and around 1k comments.

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