Top 5 Unique Data Science Jobs that are Trending in 2021

Top 5 Unique Data Science Jobs that are Trending in 2021

The emergence of cloud computing has hastened the use of artificial intelligence. Expectations were raised, and businesses believed that hiring data scientists and providing them with a plethora of data would be enough to address all of the company’s problems. However, as with any new field, time is required before the value is effectively handled. It was not uncommon for the data science groups.

Fortunately for us, the situation is rapidly changing. Every year, there is a greater understanding and experience of what the term “data science” truly implies. Furthermore, the data science community has an exceptional collaborative attitude, which has been critical in the industry’s quick expansion.

This knowledge is fast converting tasks into roles, narrowing the required skill set for each and every member of the team. The world is now realizing that data science teams, like any other well-structured sector, require a variety of specialists to get excellent outcomes.

Because of the vast range of skills necessary to successfully create data science projects, THE data scientist job has evolved into a TEAM of valuable backgrounds. New jobs are developing in this dynamic climate, and it is important to explain what it is they are and why they are required.

Analytics Translator

It is not a simple undertaking to transform business issues into genuine data science initiatives. It necessitates some technical expertise as well as some commercial understanding, which is a mix that you might not see on every street corner. Organizations frequently make the mistake of treating every data challenge as a machine learning problem, which is disastrous for team morale. Problems that might be handled more efficiently, such as creating business rules, are squandering the time and effort of data science groups.

A skilled analytics translator can prioritize machine learning efforts based on their commercial effect as well as the relevance of their data science. It is also anticipated that you would build relationships with businesspeople and manage initiatives. The latter can relieve data managers of part of their responsibility, allowing them more time to give direction to their staff.

Data Engineer

Aside from being one of my faves, it is absolutely important to debunk a prevalent misconception. When you ask individuals to define data engineers, the most common response is, “they support data scientists and data analysts.” However, this is incorrect; they really aren’t data scientists’ helpers. What they truly do is tackle a large number of data jobs that others find difficult.

They become significant since it is rare that a database can be searched directly to address a machine learning issue. Typically, there are several data sources that must be linked and wrangled in order to generate the final “master table.” To name a few of their tasks, data engineers construct efficient data pipelines, handle complicated data ingestions, accomplish rapid data transferences, establish cloud data connections, and resolve data plumbing concerns.

Machine Learning Engineer

The first idea that comes to mind when thinking about machine learning engineers is that they should have strong expertise in both data science and software engineering. Nonetheless, those two credentials are insufficient to qualify you for this position. It is one thing to understand the theory underlying machine learning models and to be capable of developing the cleanest code in the world, but it is quite another to effectively provide analytical answers.

A competent machine learning engineer is a master in model deployment, guarantees metric monitoring, solving pipeline integration, visualizes projects at a high level, and assures the deployment environment’s scalability and adaptability. These traits are extremely particular, and you must understand that being a machine learning engineer necessitates far more than simply connecting APIs and training models.

Data Architect

Consider data architects to be the logical next step after data engineers. However, there are significant qualifiers to this statement, considering that the transition from creating data pipelines to designing data systems is considerably different. The position of the data architect is more extensive since it necessitates a high level of technical expertise as well as the ability to solve extremely abstract problems. 

Data architects develop new data collections, guarantee data quality, reduce data redundancy, and decide on the optimal architecture design for business intelligence plus analytics processes. More senior architects might be involved in the company’s cloud-based system. The impact, as well as the responsibility, may be enormous.

Software Engineer

A machine learning model that is not smoothly connected with the company’s infrastructure has far lower chances of success than that of the opposite situation. This is when software developers come in handy. If having a strong background in software engineering plus data science wasn’t enough for a machine learning engineer, we can claim that it fits well here.

Understanding the outputs and inputs of machine learning algorithms may be a valuable tool to a software developer. Being able to contextualize anything across internal models and frameworks would enable proper integration. Nothing adds greater long-term value to a business than well-structured and resilient software development.


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