PoW Shield, which acts as a proxy between the backend service and the end-user, uses proof of work to protect the #osi application layer against DDoS attacks. The goal of this project is to give an alternative to time-consuming captcha systems like Google’s ReCaptcha. It’s never been easier to use a PoW Shield-protected web service; simply type the URL into your browser, and it will do the rest. The goal of PoW Shield is to combine the following services into a single webapp / docker image:

  1. proof of work authentication
  2. IP blacklisting and rate limiting
  3. #firewall #webapplication

PoW Shield, in essence, acts as a proxy in front of the actual web app/service.

It uses proof-of-work to verify identities and only sends allowed traffic to the server.

The proxy is simple to set up and protects apps with a basic level of security.

Docker images are provided for deployment that is quick and light.


The following are some of the features:

  1. Web Service Structure
  2. Functionality of Proxy
  3. Implementation of the PoW
  4. Dockerization .
  5. Blacklisting of IP addresses
  6. Rate-controlling
  7. Unit Testing.
  8. Implementation of the WAF
  9. Redis Multi-Instance SyncingDisclaimer: – The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purpose.

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