So, Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing – W | VAPT is necessary for the security of any company or enterprise, to avoid usage of possible vulnerabilities by potential hackers to exploit the privacy and the security of the company and its system. IEMLabs provides extensive testing procedure to secure the system.

Costs and Duration for Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing – W | VAPT : –

The cost for W | VAPT depends upon the type of testing as per the client requirement. Basically, two types of testing can be conducted namely “Black Box Testing” and “White Box testing”:-

Black Box Testing: –

In Black Box Testing method, the testers are not provided with any specific area or scope where the testing needs to be done. Also, no company personnel accompany them while the testing takes place. The tester himself/herself scans for all the required information and conducts the test extensively by all means of hacking possible.

White Box Testing: –

In White Box Testing method, the enterprise specifies the scope on which the testing needs to be conducted as well as the total number of systems in that particular scope. The tester focuses only on that scope and conducts the test extensively by all means of hacking possible.


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  • Continuous Scanning

    Stop waiting for your next pentest to find vulnerabilities. Astra’s intelligent scanner is always monitoring your application and continously finding issues to fix.

  • Scan Logged-in Pages

    Perform security checks behind the login pages with Astra’s scanner. Share your credentials smoothly with our Chrome plugin and don’t miss a single issue.

  • Smarter Vulnerability Management

    Prioritize vulnerabilities based on ROI and take data-backed decision with a smart vulnerability management dashboard, made for CXOs and managers.

  • Scan your critical APIs

    Protect your business critical APIs from abuse and vulnerabilities. Astra’s scanner ensures APIs are tested for vulnerabilities and best security practices.


Get clear, actionable steps to patch every issue and work together seamlessly.

  • Seamlessly collaborate with your team members, CXOs and our Security experts from our user-friendly dashboard.
  • See all the essential details about every vulnerability in one place.
  • Know exactly how you can reproduce and test the issues.
  • Get detailed, actionable steps to fix every single vulnerability.
  • Comment and discuss every issue right where it is listed. Avoid the endless calls and emails.

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for Compliance

Get ISO, SOC2, GDPR, CIS compliant-ready without the hassle.

Astra’s security engine covers all the essential tests required for you to achieve ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2 or GDPR compliance. Secure your systems thoroughly and ensure every loophole is covered with Astra.

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