We have come a long way since the first computer constructed by Charles Babbage. With the developments in the field of technology, especially information technology, it has really helped us in many ways. There are various applications of this technology in our day to day lives. We see various mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications, etc. around us. All this software has been designed using certain programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, etc. The code that is written for the applications is termed as Source Code. Ever since the development of the information technology sector, the source code of these applications is scrutinized so as to find out any flaws within these applications. This is known as Source Code Review | SCR.

Source code Review | SCR means scrutinizing the source code of a software, website, application, etc. to find out the flaws which can lead to security breach and giving recommendations for rectifying them. These flaws may lead to loss of data, security issues, privacy breach, etc. which can defame the company or business and its system. It may also lead to defacement of the website and applications provided and used by the company. Hackers can get access and breach systems completely which can shut down the total procedure.

Hence Source Code Review | SCR is very much important for finding out flaws in your code using which a hacker can get into the system and harm them.

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