A simple, modern, and safe encrypting and signing tool that tries to outperform age and Minisign.

For Windows, Linux, and macOS, Kryptor is a free and open-source file encryption and signature programme.


  1. Use a password, a key file, or asymmetric keys to encrypt files and folders.
  2. Encrypting files using a recipient’s public key enables for one-way file exchange that is authorised.
  3. Create and verify digital signatures using authenticated comments and prehashing capability.
  4. Asymmetric key pair generation For security at rest, the private key is encrypted.
  5. UNIX-style password entering and creation of random passwords
  6. The creation of a random keyfile. As a keyfile, any form of file can be utilised.
  7. Encrypt the names of files and folders.

When encrypting files/folders, overwrite input files.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purposes.

Download link: https://github.com/samuel-lucas6/Kryptor

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