HTTP tools for security research (Hetty). It aspires to provide an open-source alternative to commercial software such as Burp Suite Pro, with sophisticated functionality suited to the demands of the information security and bug bounty communities.

  1. HTTP man-in-the-middle (#MITM) proxy and GraphQL server (features/to-do).
  2. Web interface with proxy log viewer (Next.js).
  3. Make the proxy scope-aware.
  4. Full-text search in the proxy log viewer (with regex).
  5. Project management is number five.
  6. Sender module for manually sending HTTP requests, either from scratch or from the proxy log.
  7. Attacker module for delivering HTTP requests in a scripted manner. Make use of Go’s parallelism capabilities and the net/Http package to make it lightning fast.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purpose.

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