CaseFile is the younger brother to Maltego. It is essentially the same graphing application as Maltego without the ability to run transforms. CaseFile gives you the ability to quickly add, link, and analyze data. The application targets a unique market of ‘offline’ analysts whose primary sources of information are not gained from the open-source intelligence side or can be programmatically queried. We see these people as investigators and analysts who are working on the ground’, getting intelligence from other people in the team and building up an information map of their investigation.

CaseFile can also simply be used as a free graph viewer for graphs that are built-in Maltego.

What does CaseFile do?

CaseFile was born as a result of many Maltego users using the tool to build graphs with offline data that they have from their investigations. These users weren’t using the transforms available in Maltego and just needed the flexibility and performance of Maltego’s graphing capability.

  • It is a visual intelligence application that can be used to determine the relationships and real-world links between hundreds of different types of information.
  • It can be used to plot relationships between pieces of information – making it possible to see hidden connections even if they are multiple degrees of separation apart.
  • It comes bundled with many different types of entities that are commonly used in investigations allowing you to act quickly and efficiently. CaseFile also has the ability to add custom entity types allowing you to extend the product to your own data sets

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