REAVE: — WIP Post-exploitation framework tailored for hypervisors

REAVE: — WIP Post-exploitation framework tailored for hypervisors


Reave uses a classic listener/agent model, in which the user can create many listeners of various types that accept any number of agents, each of which is designed to run on a hypervisor host. Currently, the framework includes a Python agent that covers the following goals:-

  • Automatic hypervisor host enumeration, which includes:
  • -> Which guest systems are installed
  •  -> Which network shares (NFS/iSCSI) are mounted
  •  -> Which local users are attached
  • -> Which domain the hypervisor belongs to
  • -> Which data stores are present on the physical system
  • Modular payloads with features such as:

  • Datastore, file, and virtual disc exfiltration
  • Enumeration: Additional network scanning, etc.
  • Persistence: Adding, editing, deleting local users, installing SSH keys and reverse shells

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purposes.


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