Researchers discovers new ransomwares

Researchers discovers new ransomwares

Recently, researchers have discovered two new ransomware variants that are responsible for extorting Bitcoin ransom in different ways. These new ransomwares are namely AlumniLocker and Humble and have different sophisticated advanced extortion techniques. While AlumniLocker is a variant of Thanos ransomware, Humble belongs to a new malware family.

It is expected that both the ransomwares have used phishing emails consisting of malicious files and attachments as initial attack vectors. While AlumniLocker operators have threatened the victims to leak the stolen information, Humble operators have threatened to rewrite Master Boot Record after a restart, which eventually leaves the targeted machine unusable if they fail to satisfy their ransom demands. AlumniLocker demanded a ransom payment of 10 Bitcoins (present value $457,382.60), while Humble has demanded 0.0002 Bitcoins.

Day by day, new variants of ransomwares are increasing with unpredictable attack techniques. Moreover, the ransom demands are also increasing at a rapid pace. Cybercriminals are developing new techniques to stay untraceable under popular anti-malware software. Hence security experts suggest better defense tactics to trace such kinds of attacks.



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