T50 Experimental Mixed Packet Injector (f.k.a. F22 Raptor) is a tool designed to perform “Stress Testing”. The concept started on 2001, right after release ‘nb-isakmp.c’, and the main goal was:

 – Having a tool to perform TCP/IP protocol fuzzer,  covering common regular protocols, such as: ICMP, TCP and UDP.


Things  have  changed,  and the  T50 became a good unique resource capable to perform “Stress Testing”. And, after checking the “/usr/include/linux”,  some protocols were chosen to be part of its coverage:

  1. a) ICMP   – Internet Control Message Protocol
  2. b) IGMP   – Internet Group Management Protocol
  3. c) TCP    – Transmission Control Protocol
  4. d) UDP    – User Datagram Protocol


Download Link:- https://github.com/foreni-packages/t50

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