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As we enter into a world of technology and cyber operatives, cybercrime has become the most widespread crime in the world. To protect the infrastructures from such crimes Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) is carried out to check whether the system is vulnerable to these kinds of threats or not. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is the process of finding out, defining and classifying the vulnerabilities of any system or network. An attacker can exploit and gain access using the vulnerabilities to dismantle the security of the system.

On the other hand, Penetration Testing (PT) is a completely different testing method. While Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is done continuously, Penetration Testing (PT) is done once or twice a year. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) reports are a comprehensive baseline of what are the vulnerabilities and what has changed since the last report. 
Penetration Testing (PT) reports are short and to the point, pointing out the data which has been compromised.

There are various companies out there who take separate service charges for Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) services. But we provide both Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) services together. These services take place in three steps.

Step 1: Conduction of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) on the given system depending upon its scalability.

Step 2: Based on the testing, a report gets generated which consist of the details of the vulnerabilities found and the remedies for them.

Step 3: After the fixes have been carried out, testing is conducted again to find out if there are any other vulnerabilities

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Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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Web Application Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

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Android Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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iOS Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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Data Recovery Services

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Source Code Review

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Security Operations Center

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One of the most on-demand services provided by IEMLabs is the VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) services. We try to hack into a system in all possible ways to find out its vulnerabilities and provide a detailed report on our findings. But what makes us different from all other VAPT service providing companies is that we test the system both manually and also by using automation based testing. An advanced AI tests the entire network and reduces the work time and human effort considerably.

IEMLabs provides VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) services for companies who want to find out if there are any vulnerabilities in their system. But no VAPT service is complete without a complete report of vulnerabilities and suggestions for remedies. IEMLabs always provides a detailed report of the vulnerabilities it finds and suggests remedies for them. The reports made by us are brief, to-the-point and detailed so that our customers have no difficulties in finding out the problems in their system.

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Most of our services and products are cybersecurity based. We provide VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) services for companies who want to secure their system. IEMLabs provides top quality services and we always deliver our services and products on time. We believe in working on a war-footing basis and provide the best services along with on time delivery. This practice separates IEMLabs from other cybersecurity companies.

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