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Unique opportunity for students to get foreign certification

23rd December 2019 - 25th January 2020

Welcome To IEM AMERICA Winter School

Unique opportunity for students to get foreign certification. More emphasis on hands-on learning with live projects. All the trainers are having vast industry as well as research experience in their respective domains.

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Real Life Application

Projects similar to real-life applications

Projects Evaluation

Formal Project Evaluation by Technical panel

Industry Knowledge

Learn from leading academicians in the field of their domain and experienced industry practitioners.


Participation and project certificate for all successful candidates


Pursue a whole gamut of new-gen courses like Android Application Development, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Python and much more in Kolkata. For more details of courses go to course section.

Duration & Course Fees

All courses are MAR Point under MAKAUT guidelines. Each Course duration is 48 hours.

Course Fee(For each Course)
Foreign Students-  $70
Indian Students-  Rs. 4999

This new wave of connectivity is going beyond laptops and smartphones, it’s going towards connected cars, smart homes, connected wearables, smart cities and connected healthcare. Basically a connected life. According to Gartner report, by 2020 connected devices across all technologies will reach to 20.6 billion. Woah! that’s a huge number.


Upcoming Online Curriculum


Lecture-1: Introduction to IoT
Lecture-2: Basic Architecture of IoT
Lecture-3: Application Areas of IoT


Lecture-1: Introduction to Embedded System
Lecture-2: Understanding Sensors & Actuators


Lecture-1: Architecture, Pinout & I/O properties of Arduino UNO
Tutorial-1: Introduction to Tinkercad with demo
Tutorial-2: Demo using sensors and actuators with Arduino UNO (in Tinkercad).
Tutorial-3: Demo using sensors and actuators with Arduino UNO (in Tinkercad).
Tutorial-4: Demo using sensors and actuators with Arduino UNO (in Tinkercad).


Lecture-1: Architecture, Pinout & I/O properties of NodeMCU
Tutorial-1: Demo using sensors and actuators with NodeMCU


Lecture-1: Basic WIRED & WIRELESS connectivity with Arduino UNO / NodeMCU
Lecture-2: Basic WIRED & WIRELESS connectivity with Arduino UNO / NodeMCU


Lecture-1: Introduction to Cloud for IoT
Tutorial-1: Demo using ThingSpeak cloud
Tutorial-2: Demo configuring ThingSpeak cloud for IoT devices
Tutorial-3: Demo NodeMCU and Sensor(s) with Cloud Connectivity using THINGSPEAK IoT Platform

Digital is transformative. Consumers are now empowered by search engines and social media at every stage of their customer journey – 81% of them conduct online research before making a purchase, and 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they reach out to a sales rep. Digital has enabled consumers to self-educate, and be much more scrupulous when making their definitive purchase decision.


Upcoming Online Curriculum

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

concept, history, types, and benefits of digital marketing

Search Engine optimization:

concept of Search Engines optimization, how SEO operates, website domain, file name, design layouts, optimized keywords, keyword frequency weightage, prominence, placement of keywords, finding keyword, word stemming, metatag optimization, title optimization, anchor optimization, mobile SEO techniques.

Facebook marketing:

overview, components of facebook , Profile, Community , types of Facebook pages, growth of business through Facebook; promote a page through facebook, why to use face book ad, how to boost your page, FB analytics.


concept, benefits, promotion and growth of business using Linkedin.

Twitter Marketing:

Concept, advantages, use of twitter in business growth;, follower growth, hash tags, sponsor of twitter/hash tags, twitter analytics.

Google Analytics:

Introduction, Features of Google Analytics, Benefits of Google Analytics

Affiliate Marketing:

Introduction, Elements of a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program, Process of Affiliate Marketing, Benefits of Affiliate Marketing, Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing.

Google Adwords:

Introduction, , Benefits of Google Adwords, types of online ad, Ad extensions, types of key word, keyword matches, Ad rank, quality score , bidding strategy

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a hot topic in the tech industry. Perhaps more than our daily lives Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the business world more. There was about $300 million in venture capital invested in AI startups in 2014, a 300% increase than a year before (Bloomberg). AI is everywhere, from gaming stations to maintaining complex information at work. Computer Engineers and Scientists are working hard to impart intelligent behavior in the machines making them think and respond to real-time situations. AI is transiting from just a research topic to the early stages of enterprise adoption. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have placed huge bets on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and are already using it in their products. But this is just the beginning, over the next few years, we may see AI steadily glide into one product after another.


Upcoming Online Curriculum

Introduction to Machine Learning

Lecture-1: Human learning and it's types
Lecture-2: Machine learning and it's types
Lecture-3: Process of Machine Learning
Lecture-4: Well-posed learning problem
Lecture-5:Applications of machine learning
Lecture-6:Applications of machine learning
Lecture-7:Basic data types
Lecture-8: Data exploration,Data issues and remediation
Lecture-9:Issues in machine learning

Introduction to Python

Lecture-1: Basic data types
Lecture-2: Loops
Lecture-3: Functions
Lecture-4: Libraries - os, numpy, pandas, matplotlib
Lecture-5:Basic statistical and mathematical functions
Lecture-6:Data exploration using matplotlib
Lecture-7:Data issues and remediation
Lecture-8:Data manipulation using pandas

Modelling and Evaluation

Lecture-1: Selecting a model
Lecture-2:Training model - Holdout, k-fold cross-validation, bootstrap sampling
Lecture-3: Model representation and interpretability - under-fitting, over-fitting, bias-variance tradeoff
Lecture-4:Model performance evaluation - Classification, regression, clustering
Lecture-5:Performance improvement

Featuring Engineering

Lecture-1: Feature construction
Lecture-2: Feature extraction
Lecture-3: Feature Selection

Supervised learning -Classification

Lecture-1: Basics of supervised learning - classification
Lecture-2: k-Nearest Neighbour
Lecture-3: Decision tree

Supervised learning - Regression

Lecture-1:Simple linear regression

Unsupervised learning

Lecture-1:Basics of unsupervised learning

Lecture-2: Clustering techniques


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Please note that payment for the course work must be made prior to registering for any course(s). The MODE OF PAYMENT is through NEFT Transaction. The NEFT Details are provided below:

ACCOUNT NO. : 0184102000005852

Once the payment has been done, you should get the following details from the bank or the generated receipt.

1. NEFT Transaction ID
2. Date of Transaction
3. Bank & Branch Name of the issuing bank

For each course you wish to enroll into, please fill-up separate forms. The payment may be done for all courses as a whole, however then same information regarding payment must be mentioned in each form separately.

You will need to submit a copy of the registration form along with the proof of payment at the beginning of the offline-mode of the course. For any queries, feel free to contact us.


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Course Fee(For each Course)
Foreign Students-  $70
Indian Students-  Rs. 4999

Course Duration(For each Course) - 48 hrs.
Strat From- 23 December 2019


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