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modern design

To make our mobile app great and have a lasting impression we have great user interface.Our apps are based on trending topics with vibrant themes and advanced features.

easy and fast

Our Apps provides fast loading time and take less than five seconds to load. They are high performing and consistent. Apps that constantly freeze are disregarded by users.

customer support

There will always be people who need help with their issues.Our app’s customer support will answer users’ questions within hours, and even minutes in some cases.

AI Based Legal Briefing System

Briefs the legal documents categorically.
Aligns and maintains the sequence of the briefed documents.
System of Brief Document include:
Lease / Rental Document
Tenancy Document etc.

Medical Software

Patient Database Management System
 Report Management System
 Medical History Analysis
 Billing Management System
 Doctors’ Database
 Doctors’ Appointment Management

Traffic Congestion Detection

In this project, we aim to provide a mechanism to estimate the traffic congestion on a particular road. The live feed or a video recording (whichever is preferable) has to be captured by any means and fed to a centralized server where our project will be running. Our code constantly measures and outputs the congestion in terms of a percentage.
• Congestion Given In Percentage
• Huge Variety Of Vehicles Can Be Detected
• Automatic Calibration With Lane Width


This project features a head controlled mouse. The movements of the cursor of the computer and also the left and right clicks can be controlled by the head movements of the user and the smoothness and speed is great. The only essential hardware requirement is a decent web-cam. Cursor Control With Head Movements
•Right And Left Click Control With Neck
• Scroll Control With Mouth
• Blink Controlled Action

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Building cretive app with new technology following modern trend is not easy unless you are exatraordinary. Our products offer varieties in gaming, storytelling, Language learning etc. apps. Experience the new certainty with excellence.