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modern design

To make our mobile app great and have a lasting impression we have great user interface.Our apps are based on trending topics with vibrant themes and advanced features.

easy and fast

Our Apps provides fast loading time and take less than five seconds to load. They are high performing and consistent. Apps that constantly freeze are disregarded by users.

customer support

There will always be people who need help with their issues.Our app’s customer support will answer users’ questions within hours, and even minutes in some cases.

AI Based Human Assistant Chatbot

 She can greet a person according to IST.
 Introduces herself including IEMLABS.
 Informs present time and date.
 Reports daily weather conditions.
 Able to calculate mathematical
expressions.  Can tell rhymes.
 Plays music.
 Can open YouTube.
 Functions as a Search Engine
 Can take photo.
 Can send email.
 Can say the current location with IP address.
 Can solve riddles. - under process.
 Can vibrate and move with sensation.

AI Based Face Recognition Smart Device

 Identifies human faces.
 Registers human faces.
 Identifies registerd and unknown faces.
 Stores picture of known and unknown faces.
 Takes time stamp of the captured faces and store it according to the face's id.
 Sends storage picture and time stamp file through email.
 Sends instant WhatsApp alert.

Robo Pet

• 3D printed structure
• Quadrupedal walking mechanism
• Can walk on non linear surface
• Controllable postures
• Loaded with obstacle avoiding mechanism
• Features with 4400mAh capacity battery

Anti Raping Gloves

 The glove can give a high voltage electric shock to the man who wants to harm the girl just by pressing one push button.
 Simultaneously one message will be sent to her parent’s/guardian's or local police station’s phone number.
 Location also will be tracked using this device.
 The entire process will take only 2 seconds.
 The device contains rechargeable battery. So The battery can be charged by using any phone charger.

PCB Maker

• Profile Dimensions: 260x240x220mm (without motor protruding part) • Stroke (engraving range): 160x100x45mm
• Screw: professional T8 screw, lead 4mm, double copper nuts eliminate bad

3D Printer

3D printed robotic arm based on nodemcu. 1st year students of the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur - Diya Samanta, Swastika Kundu, Kumud Acharya, Priyanka Biswas have developed an Industrial Automation Model - a Pick and Place Robotic Hand as their project

Prosthetic Hand

• Works like a human hand
• Able to grip object, write, hold pen/glass
• Can work on keyboard
• Can play musical instruments like – piano, synthesizer

Spider Robot

• The Spider robot can be controlled from any device which is connected on Wi-Fi Hotspot of the robot and does not need any software.
• The spider robot can make several movements like crawling, dancing, exercising etc. It has been built for fun learning purpose, but may be used for spying with little modifications.

Bi-Pedal-PENGUIN Robot

• A micro-human walker robot as the part of their robotics learning. After connecting with wifi hotspot of robot anyone can control this through the web browser.
• This robot can walk forward, backward, turn left, turn right like the penguin. It can also perform other functions like waving.

Humanoid Robot

Humanoid Robot with the capability of picking up objects, throwing objects, kicking, dancing, handshaking etc.

Sign language to voice converter

• This is very handy small size (size of a mobile phone) SIGN LANGUAGE RECOGNISING DEVICE.
• A person unable to speak can carry this device, and convey their statements or messages to another properly speaking person through voice output, jene making the second person understand that sign language.
• This portable platform can also be taken in use while teaching specially abled students. • Also, recognition of objects can be performed by this handy device.
• At the moment the signs of the alphabets have been trained to the device. However, the device can be trained to understand any word through SIGN LANGUAGE.

Blind Man Goggles

• It's a special glass, I am wearing designed and developed by the students at the Research Laboratory
• A blind person can wear this and walk along. As he approaches an obstacle, wearing the glass, the frequency of the sound in the glass will increase, indicating the person about the upcoming obstacle, so that he/she can change directions.

AI Based Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror aims to make it simpler for your eyes being glued to your phone in the first thing in the morning. It displays all the necessary information to help you get your day started while you groom yourself . The Smart Mirror is a step towards the ultimate goal of digital WellBeing.
• Live news updates.
• Live weather report.
• Time and Alarm.
• Motivational quotes.


This Hexa Drone means business. With a carrying capacity of 4kgs. Built to carry heavy payloads across distances the drone can also drop at location specified by the help of GPS. It can also be used for surveillance purposes around an area without any manual intervention. This GPS guided drone can also trace along the routes.
• Dual GPS setup for redundancy
• Dual Lipo system(4s 12ah +10ah)gives flight time of about 24 mins
• Payload capability of roughly 4kg wid dual battery setup
• Top and bottom mounted visual surveillance system
• Capable of picking up and dropping autonomous rover for ground surveillance using pulley system
• Capable to serve as agricultural drone/ sprayer with a load capacity of 2kgs, fitted with custom spraying mechanism.
• Full autonomous GPS guided waypoint tracking.


• Head Mounted High Resolution Camera
• Ability To Capture From A Certain Distance
• Powerful Built-in .Processor
• Convert Text Into Braille Characters
• Very Quick Conversion With Micro Seconds Of Delay

Gesture Controlled Car

The car can be controlled by hand gestures. This becomes very convenient to control. It has long battery life and quite amusing to control without holding any remote. It features many different movements with many hand gestures which are
also customizable. • Arduino based voice controlled car
• Google text to speech
• Custom application
• Bluetooth communication used
• Programmable with arduino ide
• Different Indication for turning with feedback to app

HID Controller

Normally we control our PC or console with a mouse or joystick. The use of this type of interface device is quite unnatural and requires getting used to it. Since it differs from our day to day hand gestures and activities we face a learning curve. Along with this there are limited no of motions, which is only restricted to 2 axis. This is quite a limitation especially in games. Not to mention the ergonomic issues we face while using those devices and the inconvenience is holding them.

PLC Based Welding Automation machine

PLC/CNC -Flame cutting Machine Automation

AR Watches

The era of flat screen view ecommerce is over. Today users want to have better consumer experience to choose the right products for them.

Learning Robot

 Learning Robot for Elderly people
 Learning Robot for Kids Learning

Electric Cycle

Solar Products

Wireless equipment and switches

Let's innovate together through IEMLabs

Building cretive app with new technology following modern trend is not easy unless you are exatraordinary. Our products offer varieties in gaming, storytelling, Language learning etc. apps. Experience the new certainty with excellence.